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Something that sets Mr Windscreen apart from other windscreen repair and replacement providers is our membership of AGE (Automotive Glass Europe®), a network of 1500+ outlets in over 20 countries. 

The benefits which this network brings are numerous and highly practical. In the event of a damaged windscreen, for example, an Irish motorist travelling in any of the member countries can avail of the same service as Mr Windscreen provides back home. Using the same straight-forward process: just call 1850 5 12345 and our call centre will assist. 

Over 4,200 repair and replacement jobs are carried out within the network each day.

And there’s more. The network is a forum for specialist training and the exchange of information and know-how across countries, ensuring each member is kept abreast of the very latest developments in windscreen technology. It all means you, the customer, can be sure of the highest standards when you require the services of Mr Windscreen. 

ADAS calibration is an example of an area where technical expertise from the AGE has helped individual members, and, in turn, their customers. The specialist glass technicians of Automotive Glass Europe® are expert at both glass replacement and ADAS camera recalibration and work closely with vehicle manufacturers to ensure they have the data required to identify when recalibration is required and what type of process is specified for the vehicle.

Webinar: Are insurers ready as ADAS goes mainstream?

National Windscreens in the UK, who along with Mr Windscreen are members of the Automotive Glass Network (AGE), recently published a survey in conjunction with Insurance Post on the subject of ADAS and insurers.

It found that 1 in 3 insurers who responded said that their book was ADAS-enabled. At the same time many insurers conceded that it was difficult to get definitive data on which vehicles were fitted with which ADAS features. One in three said they were taking no action to identify ADAS features for underwriting purposes. Next year certain advanced driver assistance systems will be become mandatory for new cars sold within the EU.

As part of the survey, the Insurance Post in association with National Windscreens hosted a webinar with UK industry experts to discuss key issues around ADAS and the insurance industry.

Topics included:

– How to address the problem of insurers struggling to identify the ADAS features on a vehicle, and how manufacturers can help.

– How and which ADAS features reduce claims costs for insurers and when will the full benefits be seen

– Repair times and costs for ADAS-enabled vehicles; how can these be reduced?

– How do insurers ensure that ADAS repairs are being carried out to an acceptable standard?

Most of the issues raised will resonate with those working in the sector here in Ireland.

You can sign up here to view the webinar in your own time.

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Thinking green: repair or replace?

You might be wondering what your damaged windscreen has to do with good environmental practice, but the heading above spells it out – often repair rather than replacement is the answer, saving you money and at the same time saving the planet valuable resources.

As with all our fellow members of the Automotive Glass Europe (AGE) network, at Mr Windscreen our strategy is always to repair before replacing a damaged windscreen if safe to do so.

Whether a windscreen can be repaired or not will hinge on a number of factors:

  – 99% of chips smaller than a €2 coin, or cracks less than 20cm, can be repaired. Early intervention is important here as the crack can quickly spread, so drop into us as soon as you spot it!

  – Location: if the damage is within two inches of the edge of the windscreen, replacement may be the only option.

  – If the damage is in the driver’s line of vision, a windscreen replacement is called for, other than in the case of a very small chip.

Repairs are carried out to the highest industry standards (mainly BSI and AFNOR) and are always undertaken by our specialist and highly trained glass technicians. They are what set Mr Windscreen apart.

Unique to Mr Windscreen, we offer a genuine nationwide repair service at our centres across the country. Where possible, work is carried out while you wait in a comfortable environment within our facilities.

Committing to Insurance Industry Requirements and Best Practice

Mr Windscreen welcomes the recent publication by Thatcham of the UK Insurance Industry Requirements (IIR) for the safe repair of ADAS-equipped vehicles. These requirements are demanded by over 30 major insurance companies.

The requirements refer to the service, repair or maintenance of ADAS sensors, parts likely to affect the functionality of ADAS sensors and vehicle geometry, and cover inspection, realignment and calibration requirements.

Where specified, inspection, realignment and calibration operations must be completed post repair to ensure that the sensors are functioning in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer’s technical specification.

Under the requirements, the repairer shall:

  • – identify the presence of ADAS on the vehicle and ensure it is recorded.
  • – make sure repair procedures identify if inspection, realignment and calibration are required and why.
  • – carry out the inspection, realignment and calibration activities set out within the repair procedures.
  • – be competent carrying out inspection, calibration, realignment and road tests
  • – make sure the calibration results confirm that the sensors are working in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer’s technical specification.
  • – provide auditable records and a copy to the Asset Owner / Work Provider.

Gerry Fitzgibbon, Managing Director of ADAS.ie, the calibration arm of Mr Windscreen, comments: “These long-awaited requirements are not viewed as a unwelcome burden by ADAS.ie – on the contrary, they will serve to assist us in continually ensuring best practice and in improving customer satisfaction across our business.”

Among the insurance companies requiring the IIR are Allianz, Aviva, AXA, FBD, Munich RE, RSA, Tesco and Zurich.

The IIR requirements can be downloaded here.

Windscreen calibration – what is it, and why you need it

A windscreen is a windscreen, right? It’s there to see through and that’s it, right? Wrong. For some years now, the humble windscreen has been at the heart of what we call Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Safety features such as lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control and collision avoidance all depend on ADAS technology, and, in turn, on that windscreen.

Central to the ADAS system is a discreet camera mounted onto the windscreen (out of view of the driver). When a windscreen is replaced, this camera needs to be recalibrated to ensure the vehicle safety systems continue to work as intended.

This is where we come in. ADAS.ie is a partner company of Mr Windscreen, which capitalises on Mr Windscreen’s market-leading network of outlets across the country through dedicated calibration centres, equipped with the latest technology, with all work carried out only by highly trained personnel.

Our specialist glass technicians are expert at ADAS camera recalibration. We work closely with vehicle manufacturers to ensure we have the data required to identify when recalibration is required and what type of process is specified by the vehicle. This process could be static, dynamic or self-recalibration.

The majority of vehicles require static calibration, undertaken in workshop conditions. Thanks to our extensive branch network, Mr Windscreen can ensure that recalibration equipment is always installed and operated in the optimum environment, ensuring accuracy throughout the process. And precision matters here –just a few millimetres misalignment could lead to an accident.

This short video from our partner Automotive Glass Europe gives a handy overview:

Crucially, our recalibration systems cover 80% of cars on the road today – that’s more than any other provider. And being located alongside Mr Windscreen centres, the driver can enjoy replacement and calibration in one visit.

Technology is changing day by day as EuroNCAP safety ratings demand ever safer cars and increased use of camera-reliant safety systems within ADAS technology. The percentage of vehicles featuring at least two ADAS features is forecast to exceed 40% by 2021. If your car is among them, rest assured you are in the hands of experts at Mr Windscreen.

For more see ADAS.ie

Your car service or repair: what you need to be asking

For most of us, the easing of travel restrictions signals a return to a normal of sorts, and for many that means a return to gain employment for that car which has been in the driveway since early March. That in turn will turn our attention to our annual car service which we may have put off over the crisis.

While cars have been sitting idle, workshops and service centres across the world have been changing their practices to keep step with Covid 19 protocols surrounding how your car is cleaned after servicing or repair. Indeed, some insurers have put the sanitisation of serviced and repaired vehicles at the top of their priority lists.

So what exactly do you need to be asking as you hand over your car to your local garage?

You should check with your workshop or service centre that their car cleaning teams are wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) as well as using disposable gloves. You might also enquire as to processes when it comes to washing hands in between cleaning shifts.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the US even recommend that vehicle cleaning teams use disposable gowns.

Scientists are still learning a lot about COVID-19, but the likes of the World Health Organisation (WHO) indicate that the virus can live on surfaces for several hours and even days. You want your workshop or service centre to use a product that kills viruses and germs on surfaces, and a solution that contains 70% alcohol is typically fit for this purpose.

But even here, it’s important to bear in mind that many products contain additional substances, such as glycerin, which can damage the interior of your car.

You should also ask your service centre or workshop to make sure that they are using an approved product. There are already many antimicrobial products for use against SARS-CoV-2 that are in circulation around the world and which can be used to disinfect vehicles.

There is a general absence of legislation surrounding sanitising products, with many foggers and spray cans out there not fully disclosing all their ingredients.

Expect this to change.

In reality, it’s not easy for Joe Public to ascertain the safety levels prevailing in any workshop, or indeed even to ask questions about something he or she typically knows precious little about. This is about trust, and this is a time where a body like the Society of the Irish Motor Industry (or SIMI for short) comes into its own as a mark of trust. They’ve been doing good work to ensure their members are equipped to deal with the threat of Covid in a customer-friendly way. Best to look out for their symbol whenever you hand over your car for some work.

For our part, at Mr Windscreen we’ve produced this infographic to make clear the practices we’ve adopted at our centres across Ireland to keep you safe. Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Back to work … but not back to normal

Like all businesses providing essential services, at Mr Windscreen we are delighted to be able to open our doors again. Over the past 2 months our activity has been limited to ensuring emergency services and frontline needs for windscreen replacement and repair were looked after. Now we can serve all motorists.

Of course, it’s not business as usual – no one quite knows when we’ll be using that term again. For the past two weeks the team has been investing countless hours to ensure we can provide our services in a which manner that is entirely safe yet efficient for our customers, and, which, of course, complies fully with Covid-19 protocols.

To this end, we have introduced training for all technicians covering:

  • – pp’ing customers signatures
  • – cleaning the inside of the vehicle before and after
  • – mask wearing during the repair
  • – wearing eye goggles
  • – using gloves
  • – using hand sanitiser
  • – using anti-bacterial wipes
  • – providing full face protection masks where available – some based on CIF guidelines

We have based our actions on the guidelines issued by the Society of the Motor Industry.

Out of sight of our customers, our central back-end operation has been overhauled, with every workstation reconfigured to ensure staff are in excess of 2 metres apart.

We are pleased to welcome you, our customer, to a reassuringly safe environment in which to avail of our services. At Mr Windscreen, we are conscious of the important role we play in our society – you see it in our slogan “We keep it moving across Ireland”

Rest assured we’ll be working flat out to do just that from this week on!

Wipers and more: caring for a ‘cocooned’ car

Chances are you’re using the car a lot less during the lockdown – and if your parents are over 70 they shouldn’t be using theirs at all during their ‘cocooning’. While that means lower fuel bills and less wear and tear, there can be downsides to leaving a car unused for a long period of time.

Let’s start with our windscreen wipers – where else? Rubber from the windscreen wiper blades can end up sticking to the windscreen, if not used for an extended period. A simple tip to prevent this is to put some plastic wrap under the blades.

The battery is what most people will think of, and with good reason. Avoid a drained battery by disconnecting it – the negative terminal first, then the positive terminal, never allowing the two terminals to touch. Rubbing petroleum jelly on the terminals to prevent rust is also a good tip.

Park indoors if you can or consider using a car cover (something we rarely do in this country!). However, do not deploy a cover if parking in a garage, as any moisture inside will evaporate slower.

Here’s an unusual one – it makes sense to keep a full tank of fuel in an idle car, as it can prevent rust forming on the inside by keeping moisture from entering the tank.

If the vehicle is standing idle for a long period, flat spots may occur on the wheels. Prevent this by jacking the wheels off the ground or positioning your car on blocks of wood, keeping the tyres off the ground. And check your tyre pressures once the lockdown is over!

Cover the air intakes and exhaust with cloths to prevent insects from getting in. (Leave a note on the steering wheel to remind yourself to remove them).

Finally, it’s a good idea to clean your car before storing it away, as dirt can cause lasting damage.

Keep safe!

Mr Windscreen a finalist in 2020 SIMI Motor Industry Awards

Mr Windscreen was a finalist in the category “Independent Aftersales Operation of the Year” for the 2020 Irish Motor Industry Awards, run by the Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI) in association with Bank of Ireland.

The overall Award winner was announced in each of the eight categories at a special ceremony held in conjunction with the SIMI Annual Dinner in the Clayton Hotel in Dublin in February with comedian Oliver Callan as Master of Ceremonies.

The expansion of calibration capability through the fitting out of new outlets, the integration of Mobileye’s Collision Avoidance Systems into the ADAS.ie product range and the development of a uniquely comprehensive telematics solution for the private sector were among the company’s key achievements over the past year.

Now in its 10th year, the awards recognise and celebrate the amazing successes achieved by Irish businesses in the automotive sector over the last 12 months.

Mr Windscreen shortlisted in SIMI Motor Industry Awards

Mr Windscreen has been short-listed in the category “Independent Aftersales Operation of the Year” for the Irish Motor Industry Awards, run by the Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI) in association with Bank of Ireland.

The overall Award winner will be announced in each of the eight categories at a special ceremony held in conjunction with the SIMI Annual Dinner in the Clayton Hotel in Dublin on Thursday, 20th February with comedian Oliver Callan as Master of Ceremonies.

Now in its 10th year, the awards recognise and celebrate the amazing successes achieved by Irish businesses in the automotive sector over the last 12 months.