– new aftermarket collision avoidance technology

Mr Windscreen Aftermarket Collision Avoidance Technology, an arm of Mr Windscreen, is at the vanguard of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems in Ireland, with technology capable of calibrating over 80% of vehicles on the road, and calibration centres across the country. Recently appointed as distributors for Mobileye, a world leader in ADAS technology, can now retrofit the latest in life-saving Collision Avoidance Systems in older fleets and municipal vehicles.

The systems include features like lane departure warning, pedestrian and cyclist collision warning, forward collision warning and headway monitoring, which are communicated via a dash-mounted screen. Such features are Increasingly standard on new vehicles, but up until now there was almost no means for Irish motorists and companies to enjoy them in their existing cars or fleets.

Manufactured by Mobileye, an Intel-owned company whose technology is fitted to over 30 million vehicles worldwide, the system is neatly and professionally fitted by expert technicians at any one of the dedicated centres across Ireland.

With the MobiIeye technology, can make these safety features available not only to private or company cars, but also for buses and large municipal vehicles, with systems specially designed to scan the specific blindspots and to address other challenges which drivers of these vehicles face. In the introductory phase, will concentrate on spelling out the many benefits of these systems to insurers, fleet operators and public transport operators in particular.