New calibration centre opens at Little Island in Cork

The new facility at Euro Business Park in Little Island, Cork is the latest in a nationwide roll-out of dedicated centres by the calibration arm of Mr Windscreen.

The experienced and highly trained team at the Little Island branch provides expert windscreen and bumper recalibration for all makes and models of cars and light commercial vehicles. Investment in the latest technology means is in a position to calibrate 80% of vehicles on the road in Ireland – more than any other provider.

“We are committed to offering only the highest standards of calibration, carried out by expert technicians in premises suited to this very precise work,” explains Managing Director Gerry Fitzgibbon. “This new facility is on a par with the best centres in the country.” calibration centre opens at Little Island in Cork

In addition, as distributors for Mobileye, the world leader in ADAS technology, can retrofit in older cars and vans the latest in life-saving Collision Avoidance Systems at the centre – featuring lane departure warning, pedestrian and cyclist collision warning and headway monitoring.

Also available is a range of quality dash cams and a new telematics offering comprising a comprehensive platform encompassing telematics, car data and live real-time camera tracking. This is a unique offering to the private sector in Ireland.

Alongside automotive tinting, the facility offers a specialist Keyfast automotive locksmith service through highly trained technicians, backed up by mobile units equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. A 24-hour repair, recover and replacement service is provided., Unit 703, Euro Business Park, Little Island, Co. Cork. Tel. (021) 475 7272

Measuring up in the man’s world of windscreen calibration

Step inside the Mr Windscreen centre in Waterford city and you’re in for an unusual sight. Or two. Firstly, there’s the impressive array of diagnostic and calibration equipment. Then there’s the person working alongside them – 29-year-old Michelle O’Keefe, possibly the country’s only female ADAS calibration specialist.

A native of Waterford, Michelle joined Mr Windscreen all of 8 years ago, following a 6-month work experience programme from college. She is now considered something of a veteran of the Waterford depot, which houses the first dedicated centre in Ireland, opened in 2017. Since then Michelle has become quietly expert in ADAS calibration, making sure the correct product is sourced for every job and dealing with customers who are often less than aware of what ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) is all about.

So what led her to a career in a sector that has long been the preserve of men? “I’ve always loved cars and that helps. Without an understanding of cars I think it would be difficult to do this job properly. Of course, it’s something you learn over time,” she says.

Michelle has witnessed first-hand the rapid growth in cars with ADAS technology on board. “Only a few years ago you might have 1 in 20 cars needing calibration. Now it’s 3 or 4 in every 10.”

She is struck by how little motorists know about the technology in their cars. “It’s only when you talk about features like Brake Assist or Park Assist that it clicks with customers that their car has ADAS, but it surprises them when you explain how the windscreen is at the heart of it. Some can actually be a bit put out, as calibration adds to the labour time required, while others are just impressed that their car has this technology they knew nothing about!” As technology becomes more and more advanced, she says that there is definitely a need to educate people more.

So what do her female friends think of the career path she has chosen? “To be honest my friends think I’m mad working with a load of men! What really counts for me, though, is to be working in a good team and we’ve a terrific bunch of people here. It was Stephen who gave me the confidence to go into the ADAS side of things, while Alan was brilliant in bringing me through the training.”

As a 182 Nissan comes into the depot, it’s interview over. Michelle is already back on her feet. She clearly relishes working in a fast-paced environment, as her parting words suggest: “The technology involved in windscreen calibration is changing at a great rate, so you have to keep up to speed with it. We have recently updated our technology as one of the current systems will be redundant from early next year. At we are proud to say we can calibrate 80% of the cars on the road, but that only comes with constant investment. And that means learning new technology all the time.”

Demystifying windscreen demisting!

Not the start to the day you need – you run out of the house in the usual rush only to discover your windscreen is all fogged up. If you’re lucky enough to have a heated windscreen you’re in business, if not, you’ve a bit of a chore in store.

Scour the internet and you’ll find lots of sometimes wacky solutions to this age-old problem. But what works best?

A simple piece of advice from the off is to make sure your windows are clean inside and out. Moisture tends to cling to particles of dirt, so a grubby window is a haven for condensation.

Damp and wet items inside the car don’t help. A wet towel or a soggy umbrella creates moisture in the air as it dries out, giving you more mist. A blocked pollen filter, which cleans air entering the car, can also cause condensation, as can rubber seals around your doors if they are full of gunge.

The RAC ( has a novel tip which ice hockey players use to stop their face masks steaming up. Clean your windscreen regularly with shaving foam to stop it misting up: wipe the windscreen with a towel, spreading the shaving foam over the entire surface and then wiping it off with another towel.

Another trick to stop the car getting humid in the first place is to buy a small dehumidifier box which can absorb the moisture before it hits the windscreen. Or try filling up an old sock with absorbent cat litter and tying off the end – sounds weird, but this is quite a popular suggestion.

Other recommendations include placing a bag of dried rice with small holes or a bowl of salt on the dashboard.

According to Mr Windscreen’s Gerry Fitzgibbon, it pays to take the time to let the car heat up and ensure all windows are properly cleared. Direct the heater’s blast directly at the windscreen, starting it off cold and slowly increasing the temperature. Use the air-con or climate control at the same time. Turn OFF air recirculation. Open a window a fraction and stand outside the car (your warm breath won’t help inside).

And make sure you stay near the car – every year there are sorry tales of cars being stolen while owners leave the engine running on cold mornings. Now that’s definitely not the start to the day you need.

HCV excellence acknowledged at Irish Auto Trade Awards

Pictured above (l to r) are Gerry Fitzgibbon and Mike Price of presenting the award for HCV/LCV Aftersales Main Dealer Of The Year to Philip Breen and Eoin Gallagher of DAF Distributors Ireland., an arm of Mr Windscreen, were sponsors at the annual Irish Auto Trade Awards 2020, which took place at Killashee House Hotel in Kildare in October. The prestigious awards programme, now in its 6th year, is a celebration of excellence in the automotive trade across the island of Ireland. sponsored the LCV/HCV category. The award for Aftersales Main Dealer Of The Year went to DAF Distributors Ireland, while M50 Truck & Van Centre was named Parts Main Dealer Of The Year. Rathcoole Commercial scooped LCV/HCV Independent Workshop Of The Year, while the award for overall Independent Workshop of The Year was won by Blueprint Autos Ltd Roscommon.

Retail auto businesses undergo a rigorous selection process that includes phone and personal mystery shops before being finally adjudicated on. Manufacturer and distributor companies were shortlisted based on votes received by readers of the Irish Auto Trade Journal over recent months.

Organiser Padraic Deane of Automotive Publications commented, “Standards continue to rise across the many categories covered by our awards. Businesses are setting the benchmark for their entire sectors.”

Pictured (l to r) are Gerry Fitzgibbon and Mike Price of presenting the award for HCV/LCV Trade Parts Main Dealer Of The Year to Matt Keane and Glenn Guildea of M50 Truck & Van Centre.

Pictured (l to r) are Gerry Fitzgibbon and Mike Price of presenting the award for HCV/LCV Independent Workshop Of The Year to Shane O’Sullivan and Paul Cooke of Rathcoole Commercial.

Pictured (l to r) are Gerry Fitzgibbon and Mike Price of presenting the award for Independent Workshop Of The Year to Tommie Rafferty and Paula Burke of Blueprint Autos Limited Roscommon.

ADAS arm of Mr Windscreen sponsors Irish AutoTrade Awards, an arm of Mr Windscreen, is a sponsor at this year’s Irish Auto Trade Awards, taking place in Killashee Hotel in Kildare on 17 October. Now in their 5th year, the annual awards are a unique celebration of excellence in the automotive industry in Ireland. is sponsoring the HCV/LCV awards category, which comprises HCV Aftersales Main Dealer of the Year, HCV Trade Parts Main Dealer of the Year, LCV/HCV Independent Workshop of the Year and Independent Workshop of the Year.

“We are delighted to partake in an awards programme which acknowledges achievement in a sector that is all too often ignored yet provides employment in every corner of the country,” say Gerry Fitzgibbon, Managing Director of “Clearly the audience is a very relevant one for our suite of products – not least our collision avoidance systems – and we see the sponsorship as deepening our relationship with this audience.” is the exclusive distributor of Mobileye, a unique range of Collision Avoidance Systems, which can be retrofitted on cars, vans, buses and HGVs.,It also provides the latest in telematics solutions with live real-time camera tracking. The offering is rounded off by a comprehensive range of the latest dash cams, at competitive prices to suit every pocket.

Our European network – what does it mean?

Mr Windscreen is a long-standing member of Automotive Glass Europe (AGE), an ever-expanding network of glass repair and replacement specialists now covering over 20 countries in Europe and beyond. In the month where Marco Antonio Moreno takes over the reins as Managing Director of AGE, we take a look at what it all means for our customers …

Europe-wide repair and replacement

If your vehicles needs glass repair or replacement while abroad, the process is just as seamless as it is back home – just call 1850 5 12345 and our call centre will assist. No fewer than 4,200 repair and replacement jobs are carried out within the network each day.

Commitment to quality

Furthermore, you can be sure of the same commitment to quality workmanship and materials that you enjoy in Ireland through the Mr Windscreen national network.
Repairs conform to the highest industry standards (mainly BSI and AFNOR) and only windscreens, side window or back window glass from the three major glass manufacturers are used. These account for over 95% of the global OEM (original equipment manufacturer) market. This is a prerequisite for being part of the AGE network.

Constantly at the leading edge

Automotive Glass Europe plays an important role in ensuring its members are kept abreast of the very latest in technological developments. Through training programmes, workshops and informal exchanges, members are able to acquire expert knowledge in a way which might otherwise prove prohibitive.

ADAS calibration is an example of an a rea where technical expertise from the AGE has helped individual members, and, in turn, their customers. The specialist glass technicians of Automotive Glass Europe® are expert at both glass replacement and ADAS camera recalibration and work closely with vehicle manufacturers to ensure they have the data required to identify when recalibration is required and what type of process is specified by the vehicle. Automotive Glass Europe® partners provide the reassurance that recalibration equipment is always installed and operated in the optimum environment, ensuring accuracy throughout the process.

Pim de Ridder

Through its previous Managing Director Pim de Ridder, Automotive Glass Europe was represented at the launch of the first dedicated centre in Ireland, in Waterford City (above).

For more see
Automotive Glass Europe

ADAS arm of Mr Windscreen launches new website, an arm of Mr Windscreen which is at the vanguard of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems in Ireland, has launched its new website. The site details the company’s three product lines – calibration, dash cams and collision avoidance systems. was recently appointed as distributor for Mobileye, a world leader in ADAS technology, and can now retrofit the latest in life-saving Collision Avoidance

Systems in older fleets and municipal vehicles. These can be purchased online via the e-shop and fitted at any of the company’s dedicated centres nationwide. A range of dash cams to suit every budget and need can also be purchased via the e-shop, with regular special offers and professional fitment available where applicable at centres.

The new website contains a wealth of information on Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, with regular updates on the latest technological developments.

Mr Windscreen exhibits at Brokers Ireland ‘Meet the Market’ Day in RDS

We are delighted to be exhibiting alongside our sister company at the Brokers Ireland Meet the Market Day 2019 in the Simmonscourt RDS on Thursday, 6 June 2019 from 10am till 3pm.

This annual event provides networking opportunities to meet specialist suppliers and key market representatives operating in the Irish marketplace and to gain a better understanding and increase knowledge of new and specialist products.

At Mr Windscreen we look forward to renewing old acquaintances in the insurance sector and making lots of new ones.

The latest Mobileye Collision Avoidance systems for car, van, HGV and bus will be to the fore on our stand. Drop over and we’ll take you through this life- and money-saving technology!

Find us at Stand A07.

Mr Windscreen training with Sika Ireland

Sika Ireland completed the annual training for Mr Windscreen in both Dublin and Portlaoise yesterday – part of our efforts to ensure our staff are always abreast of latest developments.

Sika supplies the polyurethane that is used to hold the windscreen and the structural integrity of the car together. The company has over 200 factories in over 100 countries worldwide.

Mr Windscreen visits China

Mr Windscreen’s Sean Kirwan (4th from left!) recently visited the Fuyao Glass Industry Group in Fujian, China.

It was an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest trends in automotive glass, including safety, control, low carbon environment & comfort, for future vehicles.

The visit was organised by Automotive Glass Europe, of which Mr Windscreen is the sole Irish representative.