Back to work … but not back to normal

Mr Windscreen - Back to Business, Covid-19, Coronavirus

Like all businesses providing essential services, at Mr Windscreen we are delighted to be able to open our doors again. Over the past 2 months our activity has been limited to ensuring emergency services and frontline needs for windscreen replacement and repair were looked after. Now we can serve all motorists.

Of course, it’s not business as usual – no one quite knows when we’ll be using that term again. For the past two weeks the team has been investing countless hours to ensure we can provide our services in a which manner that is entirely safe yet efficient for our customers, and, which, of course, complies fully with Covid-19 protocols.

To this end, we have introduced training for all technicians covering:

  • – pp’ing customers signatures
  • – cleaning the inside of the vehicle before and after
  • – mask wearing during the repair
  • – wearing eye goggles
  • – using gloves
  • – using hand sanitiser
  • – using anti-bacterial wipes
  • – providing full face protection masks where available – some based on CIF guidelines

We have based our actions on the guidelines issued by the Society of the Motor Industry.

Out of sight of our customers, our central back-end operation has been overhauled, with every workstation reconfigured to ensure staff are in excess of 2 metres apart.

We are pleased to welcome you, our customer, to a reassuringly safe environment in which to avail of our services. At Mr Windscreen, we are conscious of the important role we play in our society – you see it in our slogan “We keep it moving across Ireland”

Rest assured we’ll be working flat out to do just that from this week on!