Our European network continues to grow

Our European network continues to grow

Something that sets Mr Windscreen apart from many windscreen repair and replacement providers is its membership of AGE (Automotive Glass Europe®), a network of 1550 outlets in 20 countries, which has just announced its first Serbian member. 

The benefits which this network brings are numerous and highly practical. In the event of a damaged windscreen, for example, an Irish motorist travelling in any of the member countries can avail of the same service as Mr Windscreen provides back home. Using the same straight-forward process: just call 1850 5 12345 and our call centre will assist. 

No fewer than 4,200 repair and replacement jobs are carried out within the network each day.

And there’s more. The network is a forum for specialist training and the exchange of information and know-how across countries, ensuring each member is kept abreast of the very latest developments in windscreen technology. It all means you, the customer, can be sure of the very latest and highest standards when you require the services of Mr Windscreen. 

ADAS calibration is an example of an area where technical expertise from the AGE has helped individual members, and, in turn, their customers. The specialist glass technicians of Automotive Glass Europe® are expert at both glass replacement and ADAS camera recalibration and work closely with vehicle manufacturers to ensure they have the data required to identify when recalibration is required and what type of process is specified for the vehicle.

Automotive Glass Europe® partners provide the reassurance that recalibration equipment is always installed and operated in the optimum environment, ensuring accuracy throughout the process.

The network’s footprint continues to grow apace and just last month welcomed its latest member. Glass Service Belgrade extends AGE’s representation into Serbia for the first time.     

For a full list of members across Europe and more about Automotive Glass Europe®, please click here.