Webinar: Are insurers ready as ADAS goes mainstream?

National Windscreens in the UK, who along with Mr Windscreen are members of the Automotive Glass Network (AGE), recently published a survey in conjunction with Insurance Post on the subject of ADAS and insurers.

It found that 1 in 3 insurers who responded said that their book was ADAS-enabled. At the same time many insurers conceded that it was difficult to get definitive data on which vehicles were fitted with which ADAS features. One in three said they were taking no action to identify ADAS features for underwriting purposes. Next year certain advanced driver assistance systems will be become mandatory for new cars sold within the EU.

As part of the survey, the Insurance Post in association with National Windscreens hosted a webinar with UK industry experts to discuss key issues around ADAS and the insurance industry.

Topics included:

– How to address the problem of insurers struggling to identify the ADAS features on a vehicle, and how manufacturers can help.

– How and which ADAS features reduce claims costs for insurers and when will the full benefits be seen

– Repair times and costs for ADAS-enabled vehicles; how can these be reduced?

– How do insurers ensure that ADAS repairs are being carried out to an acceptable standard?

Most of the issues raised will resonate with those working in the sector here in Ireland.

You can sign up here to view the webinar in your own time.

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Committing to Insurance Industry Requirements and Best Practice

Mr Windscreen welcomes the recent publication by Thatcham of the UK Insurance Industry Requirements (IIR) for the safe repair of ADAS-equipped vehicles. These requirements are demanded by over 30 major insurance companies.

The requirements refer to the service, repair or maintenance of ADAS sensors, parts likely to affect the functionality of ADAS sensors and vehicle geometry, and cover inspection, realignment and calibration requirements.

Where specified, inspection, realignment and calibration operations must be completed post repair to ensure that the sensors are functioning in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer’s technical specification.

Under the requirements, the repairer shall:

  • – identify the presence of ADAS on the vehicle and ensure it is recorded.
  • – make sure repair procedures identify if inspection, realignment and calibration are required and why.
  • – carry out the inspection, realignment and calibration activities set out within the repair procedures.
  • – be competent carrying out inspection, calibration, realignment and road tests
  • – make sure the calibration results confirm that the sensors are working in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer’s technical specification.
  • – provide auditable records and a copy to the Asset Owner / Work Provider.

Gerry Fitzgibbon, Managing Director of ADAS.ie, the calibration arm of Mr Windscreen, comments: “These long-awaited requirements are not viewed as a unwelcome burden by ADAS.ie – on the contrary, they will serve to assist us in continually ensuring best practice and in improving customer satisfaction across our business.”

Among the insurance companies requiring the IIR are Allianz, Aviva, AXA, FBD, Munich RE, RSA, Tesco and Zurich.

The IIR requirements can be downloaded here.

New ADAS.ie calibration centre opens at Little Island in Cork

The new ADAS.ie facility at Euro Business Park in Little Island, Cork is the latest in a nationwide roll-out of dedicated centres by the calibration arm of Mr Windscreen.

The experienced and highly trained team at the Little Island branch provides expert windscreen and bumper recalibration for all makes and models of cars and light commercial vehicles. Investment in the latest technology means ADAS.ie is in a position to calibrate 80% of vehicles on the road in Ireland – more than any other provider.

“We are committed to offering only the highest standards of calibration, carried out by expert technicians in premises suited to this very precise work,” explains ADAS.ie Managing Director Gerry Fitzgibbon. “This new facility is on a par with the best centres in the country.”

ADAS.ie calibration centre opens at Little Island in Cork

In addition, as distributors for Mobileye, the world leader in ADAS technology, ADAS.ie can retrofit in older cars and vans the latest in life-saving Collision Avoidance Systems at the centre – featuring lane departure warning, pedestrian and cyclist collision warning and headway monitoring.

Also available is a range of quality dash cams and a new telematics offering comprising a comprehensive platform encompassing telematics, car data and live real-time camera tracking. This is a unique offering to the private sector in Ireland.

Alongside automotive tinting, the facility offers a specialist Keyfast automotive locksmith service through highly trained technicians, backed up by mobile units equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. A 24-hour repair, recover and replacement service is provided.

ADAS.ie, Unit 703, Euro Business Park, Little Island, Co. Cork. Tel. (021) 475 7272

ADAS arm of Mr Windscreen sponsors Irish AutoTrade Awards

ADAS.ie, an arm of Mr Windscreen, is a sponsor at this year’s Irish Auto Trade Awards, taking place in Killashee Hotel in Kildare on 17 October. Now in their 5th year, the annual awards are a unique celebration of excellence in the automotive industry in Ireland.

ADAS.ie is sponsoring the HCV/LCV awards category, which comprises HCV Aftersales Main Dealer of the Year, HCV Trade Parts Main Dealer of the Year, LCV/HCV Independent Workshop of the Year and Independent Workshop of the Year.

“We are delighted to partake in an awards programme which acknowledges achievement in a sector that is all too often ignored yet provides employment in every corner of the country,” say Gerry Fitzgibbon, Managing Director of ADAS.ie. “Clearly the audience is a very relevant one for our suite of products – not least our collision avoidance systems – and we see the sponsorship as deepening our relationship with this audience.”

ADAS.ie is the exclusive distributor of Mobileye, a unique range of Collision Avoidance Systems, which can be retrofitted on cars, vans, buses and HGVs.,It also provides the latest in telematics solutions with live real-time camera tracking. The offering is rounded off by a comprehensive range of the latest dash cams, at competitive prices to suit every pocket.

ADAS arm of Mr Windscreen launches new website

ADAS.ie, an arm of Mr Windscreen which is at the vanguard of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems in Ireland, has launched its new website. The site details the company’s three product lines – calibration, dash cams and collision avoidance systems.

ADAS.ie was recently appointed as distributor for Mobileye, a world leader in ADAS technology, and can now retrofit the latest in life-saving Collision Avoidance

Systems in older fleets and municipal vehicles. These can be purchased online via the e-shop and fitted at any of the company’s dedicated centres nationwide. A range of dash cams to suit every budget and need can also be purchased via the e-shop, with regular special offers and professional fitment available where applicable at ADAS.ie centres.

The new website contains a wealth of information on Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, with regular updates on the latest technological developments.


ADAS.ie – new aftermarket collision avoidance technology

ADAS.ie, an arm of Mr Windscreen, is at the vanguard of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems in Ireland, with technology capable of calibrating over 80% of vehicles on the road, and calibration centres across the country. Recently appointed as distributors for Mobileye, a world leader in ADAS technology, ADAS.ie can now retrofit the latest in life-saving Collision Avoidance Systems in older fleets and municipal vehicles.

The systems include features like lane departure warning, pedestrian and cyclist collision warning, forward collision warning and headway monitoring, which are communicated via a dash-mounted screen. Such features are Increasingly standard on new vehicles, but up until now there was almost no means for Irish motorists and companies to enjoy them in their existing cars or fleets.

Manufactured by Mobileye, an Intel-owned company whose technology is fitted to over 30 million vehicles worldwide, the system is neatly and professionally fitted by expert technicians at any one of the dedicated ADAS.ie centres across Ireland.

With the MobiIeye technology, ADAS.ie can make these safety features available not only to private or company cars, but also for buses and large municipal vehicles, with systems specially designed to scan the specific blindspots and to address other challenges which drivers of these vehicles face. In the introductory phase, ADAS.ie will concentrate on spelling out the many benefits of these systems to insurers, fleet operators and public transport operators in particular.

Europe-wide initiative for higher calibration standards

Mr Windscreen has taken a leading role in a new European-wide initiative to create ever higher standards for calibration of windscreen-mounted cameras used in ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems).

ADAS systems are numerous and wide-ranging. From Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) to adaptive cruise control, blind spot elimination, lane keep assist and many more. Most of these features rely on a windscreen-mounted camera in order to operate. When a windscreen is replaced it is essential that the camera is calibrated in order to ensure the vehicle safety systems continue to work as intended.

Mr Windscreen was delighted to take part in the Automotive Glass Europe ADAS best practice conference recently held at the German headquarters of vehicle diagnostics specialist, Hella Guttman.