Our European network – what does it mean?

Mr Windscreen is a long-standing member of Automotive Glass Europe (AGE), an ever-expanding network of glass repair and replacement specialists now covering over 20 countries in Europe and beyond. In the month where Marco Antonio Moreno takes over the reins as Managing Director of AGE, we take a look at what it all means for our customers …

Europe-wide repair and replacement

If your vehicles needs glass repair or replacement while abroad, the process is just as seamless as it is back home – just call 1850 5 12345 and our call centre will assist. No fewer than 4,200 repair and replacement jobs are carried out within the network each day.

Commitment to quality

Furthermore, you can be sure of the same commitment to quality workmanship and materials that you enjoy in Ireland through the Mr Windscreen national network.
Repairs conform to the highest industry standards (mainly BSI and AFNOR) and only windscreens, side window or back window glass from the three major glass manufacturers are used. These account for over 95% of the global OEM (original equipment manufacturer) market. This is a prerequisite for being part of the AGE network.

Constantly at the leading edge

Automotive Glass Europe plays an important role in ensuring its members are kept abreast of the very latest in technological developments. Through training programmes, workshops and informal exchanges, members are able to acquire expert knowledge in a way which might otherwise prove prohibitive.

ADAS calibration is an example of an a rea where technical expertise from the AGE has helped individual members, and, in turn, their customers. The specialist glass technicians of Automotive Glass Europe® are expert at both glass replacement and ADAS camera recalibration and work closely with vehicle manufacturers to ensure they have the data required to identify when recalibration is required and what type of process is specified by the vehicle. Automotive Glass Europe® partners provide the reassurance that recalibration equipment is always installed and operated in the optimum environment, ensuring accuracy throughout the process.

Pim de Ridder

Through its previous Managing Director Pim de Ridder, Automotive Glass Europe was represented at the launch of the first dedicated ADAS.ie centre in Ireland, in Waterford City (above).

For more see www.automotiveglasseurope.com
Automotive Glass Europe

Mr Windscreen visits China

Mr Windscreen’s Sean Kirwan (4th from left!) recently visited the Fuyao Glass Industry Group in Fujian, China.

It was an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest trends in automotive glass, including safety, control, low carbon environment & comfort, for future vehicles.

The visit was organised by Automotive Glass Europe, of which Mr Windscreen is the sole Irish representative.

Mr Windscreen network goes global

Mr Windscreen has long been part of the ever-growing Automotive Glass Europe® network, enabling its customers in Ireland to avail of windscreen services seamlessly in 20 European countries. The network has now gone global, recently creating a partnership with colleagues in Canada and South Africa.
The network is an alliance of leading providers of automotive glass repair and replacement services. The group was founded over a decade ago and is operating in 1,500 locations across 20 different European countries. The recent global expansion is AGE’s proactive response to the growing demand of insurance and leasing companies and fleet managers.
Pim de Ridder, managing director of Automotive Glass Europe® commented on the new partnerships:
“The key reason for creating our alliance over a decade ago was to provide our Partners from different European countries with an international dimension whenever necessary. 11 years on, we have seen that this initiative is appreciated by their customers. However, the ongoing, wider globalization tells us that European cooperation is no longer sufficient; our customers now require much more than just that. We have found that the colleagues of both North America’s Clairus Group and Southern Africa’s Autoboys have the same vision on our industry”.
Although Uniban and Autoboys will not share jobs with other countries, like AGE’s European Partners do, the partnerships have been formed to help share best practice between different continents and to be able to provide support to insurance, leasing and fleet companies who are operating across multiple continents.
Gerry Fitzgibbon, MD of Mr Windscreen commented: “For Mr Windscreen, the AGE network is about more than extending our footprint across Europe and now globally. It is about sharing market and technical knowledge and ensuring we are constantly future-proofing our business in the face of many worldwide technological developments.“

Europe-wide initiative for higher calibration standards

Mr Windscreen has taken a leading role in a new European-wide initiative to create ever higher standards for calibration of windscreen-mounted cameras used in ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems).

ADAS systems are numerous and wide-ranging. From Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) to adaptive cruise control, blind spot elimination, lane keep assist and many more. Most of these features rely on a windscreen-mounted camera in order to operate. When a windscreen is replaced it is essential that the camera is calibrated in order to ensure the vehicle safety systems continue to work as intended.

Mr Windscreen was delighted to take part in the Automotive Glass Europe ADAS best practice conference recently held at the German headquarters of vehicle diagnostics specialist, Hella Guttman.

Official launch in Waterford of ADAS.ie

November 2017 saw the official launch of the first dedicated ADAS.ie calibration centre at Mr. Windscreen Waterford. Alan Nolan, Chief Executive of the SIMI (Society of the Irish Motor Industry) was on hand to cut the ribbon at the facility, in front of an audience of representatives from the insurance and motor industries, as well as the Garda Siochana.

Dave Gordan of Texa delivered an informative technical demonstration of how the ADAS calibration system works, while Pim de Ridder, CEO of Automotive Glass Europe, flew in from the Netherlands to explain the direction which ADAS is taking across Europe.

Gerry Fitzgibbon, Managing Director of Mr Windscreen, emphasised the importance to road safety of an expert nationwide calibration service, carried out in a safe indoor environment.

More ADAS.ie centres will be opening during 2018, each capable of calibrating over 80% of cars and vans on the road. For further details go to ADAS.ie.

Pim de Ridder

Mr Pim de Ridder (Automotive Glass Europe) addresses attendees

Dave Gordan

Dave Gordan (TEXA) demonstrates the ADAS calibration equipment

Gerry Fitzgibbon

Three Wise(er) Men, having completed the ADAS event