Thinking green: repair or replace?

Windscreen repair or replace

You might be wondering what your damaged windscreen has to do with good environmental practice, but the heading above spells it out – often repair rather than replacement is the answer, saving you money and at the same time saving the planet valuable resources.

As with all our fellow members of the Automotive Glass Europe (AGE) network, at Mr Windscreen our strategy is always to repair before replacing a damaged windscreen if safe to do so.

Whether a windscreen can be repaired or not will hinge on a number of factors:

  – 99% of chips smaller than a €2 coin, or cracks less than 20cm, can be repaired. Early intervention is important here as the crack can quickly spread, so drop into us as soon as you spot it!

  – Location: if the damage is within two inches of the edge of the windscreen, replacement may be the only option.

  – If the damage is in the driver’s line of vision, a windscreen replacement is called for, other than in the case of a very small chip.

Repairs are carried out to the highest industry standards (mainly BSI and AFNOR) and are always undertaken by our specialist and highly trained glass technicians. They are what set Mr Windscreen apart.

Unique to Mr Windscreen, we offer a genuine nationwide repair service at our centres across the country. Where possible, work is carried out while you wait in a comfortable environment within our facilities.