Windscreen calibration – what is it, and why you need it

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A windscreen is a windscreen, right? It’s there to see through and that’s it, right? Wrong. For some years now, the humble windscreen has been at the heart of what we call Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Safety features such as lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control and collision avoidance all depend on ADAS technology, and, in turn, on that windscreen.

Central to the ADAS system is a discreet camera mounted onto the windscreen (out of view of the driver). When a windscreen is replaced, this camera needs to be recalibrated to ensure the vehicle safety systems continue to work as intended.

This is where we come in. is a partner company of Mr Windscreen, which capitalises on Mr Windscreen’s market-leading network of outlets across the country through dedicated calibration centres, equipped with the latest technology, with all work carried out only by highly trained personnel.

Our specialist glass technicians are expert at ADAS camera recalibration. We work closely with vehicle manufacturers to ensure we have the data required to identify when recalibration is required and what type of process is specified by the vehicle. This process could be static, dynamic or self-recalibration.

The majority of vehicles require static calibration, undertaken in workshop conditions. Thanks to our extensive branch network, Mr Windscreen can ensure that recalibration equipment is always installed and operated in the optimum environment, ensuring accuracy throughout the process. And precision matters here –just a few millimetres misalignment could lead to an accident.

This short video from our partner Automotive Glass Europe gives a handy overview:

Crucially, our recalibration systems cover 80% of cars on the road today – that’s more than any other provider. And being located alongside Mr Windscreen centres, the driver can enjoy replacement and calibration in one visit.

Technology is changing day by day as EuroNCAP safety ratings demand ever safer cars and increased use of camera-reliant safety systems within ADAS technology. The percentage of vehicles featuring at least two ADAS features is forecast to exceed 40% by 2021. If your car is among them, rest assured you are in the hands of experts at Mr Windscreen.

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